It's been asked why we call this a cabin instead of a cottage or farmhouse. At first we did refer to it as a cottage. . .it is very old, has a covered porch & a metal roof, why not a cottage? I have been all over the internet looking at cottages & cottage decor & the one thing I find most common is that a cottage look has a lot of stuff. There's lots of adorable details; ruffles, frilly, girlie, filled rooms with lots of pastels and/or white-on-white. It's lovely to look at & I appreciate the look. Most of the blogs I follow have this type of look & most of it makes me smile. But it's not me. It's not my husband.

The other end of the cottage spectrum seems to have lots and lots of color: bright, primary colors. Again - the look is charming & fun to look at. . .but it's just not

Don't get me wrong - I am not disrespecting this type of decorating. But you need to remember that we have recently moved into a much
smaller home. We don't have room for lots of details. It's not that we don't appreciate the look. . .it's just a matter of logistics. We don't have the room for a lot of these decidedly charming things.

I sure did use a lot of words to explain why we don't call it a cottage, didn't I? :)

The short answer as to why we don't call it a farmhouse is the simple fact that we do not currently have any farm animals. It may have at one time, been a farmhouse. . . but for now we don't have any bee hives, chickens, bunnies or cattle - all critters we raised at one time or the other at the old place. But for now we don't even have a chicken coop!

When we brought our kids out to look at the property our youngest grandson said that it looked "like a retreat". And indeed it
does remind us of a retreat center! Think back to your summer camp days. Yep - that's a little more what our home is like! Solid, wood walls, a metal roof, a wonderful design called a dogtrot with a lot of tall east TX pine trees & more than a few oak trees.

So this explains why we call it a cabin. It's small. It's cozy. It's our cozy little cabin! Thanks Brenda for the inspirational name!!!!

Now I have to admit my kitchen is a bit tchotchke, but the rest of the house is very much on the neutral side.

Here's a link to my flickr galleries to show the look we gravitate to. . . It really helps us down-size our interior decorating when we have a clear understanding of what we like! And yes - there's a little tchotchke there, too!
Note: If you are like me and have very eclectic tastes, I recommend you do the same. Do a search at flickr for "cottage", "interiors", "country decorating" & similar searches & make note of the ones that take your breath away. That way you know you are being true to yourself. If it takes your breath away - it's YOU!

Yeah - we really like the naturey stuff!
I hope you have a restful evening . . . & hopefully I'll see you again tomorrow.


PS - It really doesn't matter if it's called a cabin, cottage, or farmhouse. The very most important thing is that we call it

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  1. I would love to have a dream home like yours..we are in the process of searching.Yes bringing natural elements indoors is my way too!Nice to meet you and your cozy cabin!