There's been an extra washer & dryer on the porch since we moved in the end of January. Friends of ours house burned down & they were going to need them. So we held on to them until they were ready for them! Yay for Mark & Mary Beth - they moved this past weekend & Mark's son & friend came for the appliances!

With those gone, we no longer have an excuse not to continue with the painting! Hubby took adavantage of the good weather & was able to replace the attic door. All in just a few hours! He's my home repair super hero!

Other than that, not much got done on the cozy little cabin this past weekend, after-all - it was Mother's Day weekend! AND my daughter's birthday! She was born on Mother's Day - how wonderful is that? I can't imagine ever getting a more wonderful MD gift than that - - - but I wouldn't care if hubby at least tried!

Amanda wanted an homemade cheesecake & can you believe it? I've never made one? I've made plenty of blender cheesecakes - but never a homemade, bake in the oven cheesecake. I have to admit - it turned out pretty good for my first try.

Here's a collage of Saturday & Sunday, using bighugelabs.com Mosaic Maker.

Have a great Monday & I'll be back later!!!