Here it is - a glimpse of the Nature Room. I thought I was done, but then hubby discovered $80 bead-board on clearance for $10. . . so one wall, that's been giving me fits, will hopefully soon be covered in bead-board.

In the meantime - here's one little corner of the Nature Room

This little corner is full of memories. In fact, most of the cabin is filled with memories. Is your home like that? Do you look at a corner & smile just because it's filled with things that are special to you, even though they might not get a second glance from someone else? That's how the Nature Room is. . . every corner holds a memory.

The chair was my grand-dad's that mama recovered years ago.
The bookcase was hubby's parents'.
The little peek of the deacon's bench (to the right of the chair) came from a tiny little church that hubby's dad once preached at. In fact, he was preaching the Christmas Eve sermon when hubby decided to make his appearance! I wonder if the Preacher Man broke any speed laws getting to the hospital??:)

Oh what else is there? The shutters were bought on a street corner in Magnolia, TX for $3. The antique/junque shop would drag some items to the corner sidewalk & offer items for $3. Whatever was out there was $3. I would go past this on my way to my friend's house in Plantersville, so the shutters remind me of Melissa.

On the shutters are some of my favorite nature photos & couple of wasp nests. I hate wasps, they are so aggressive & their sting is so painful . . . but I like their abandoned nest with the little hexagonal cells.

You can't tell, but there's pieces of driftwood & a piece of petrified wood on the top shelf. The PW came from my grand-dad. . . I think he gave it to me when he stayed with our family when I was a child.

And the Shiner Beer calender covers up the electrical box! My uncle used to work at the brewery & he was married to one of my favorite aunts. She was my mom's sister & oh, how they would laugh! Laughter is important to me. It's real important.

So tell me about your special "cozy corner" as Mary Engelbreit likes to call them. What makes them so very special to you?

Alrighty - that's about it for today - thanks for stopping by!


This is cozy little cabin decorating at its simplest! We spent Friday afternoon & all day Saturday out of town with our grandchildren. My hubby went to Boy Scout Twilight Camp with our youngest grandson & had a blast! The girls & I stayed home & watched movies & played many, many, many hands of "Go Fish". Our son, his wife & our oldest grandson went out-of-state to get all registered for college. It's hard to believe he's old enough for college - but it's true.

We got home late last night & I hadn't really made a lot of plans for my sweet mama's 89th birthday. We had gone out for a fabulous shrimp dinner on Wednesday but I wanted to do something a little special for today.

Soooo - I made a special lunch for her: salad, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans & lemon cake (thank you Pepperidge Farms!). We had balloons & a card for her & this simple, simple flower arrangement.

Directions (as if you need them) ;)

Empty bottles and/or jars
Peel N' Stick type of numbers/letters. These are nothing fancy, the inexpensive kind you buy at the discount store or hobby store. They're the type you use to put on a mail box. These are 2" high.

1. Wash jars, scouring off glue if necessary, and dry.
2. Adhere numbers!
3. Fill with flowers or even candles!

Could anything be easier? I'm thinking "1776" w/flags for the 4th of July!

I have very few creative bones in my body & blatantly stole the idea from the very creative Candy at Junk Sophisticates & thank her once again for sharing her great ideas. I love all the things she has embellished with sticky numbers & letters!

I hope you all had a great weekend & I wish there was some way to let you know how much I appreciate you sharing your creativity with me!
Happy birthday, mama. We love you!

See y'all later in the week,


This is what happens when one tries to fiddle w/a blog design in the middle of the night. I woke up around 3 AM & decided to just play with the new design options from google. But this is not what I want. The design and colors are not right. And since I never *saved* anything, I thought I was just trying it on for size & could just revert to my old design. But wah, wah, wah - - - it's not true. My old design, lovingly designed by my daughter, appears to be gone. Gone forever. And here is this. . . . just something I was messing around with in the middle of the night with just a few hours sleep. And not liking it. Not liking it at all.

You know - I was just fiddling around w/it. Just enough fiddling until I got tired enough to go back to sleep.

I bet this will keep me up for the rest of the night!


I so very much apologize for being gone for over a month! This little cabin & its yard are taking much work, plus I had a few days of needing to cater to my almost 89 year old mom. Not to worry - all is well with her now. There were meetings with United Way, drumming up donations for our little food pantry, Good Samaritan. Add to that a holiday weekend, etc., & I've gotten so very behind in blog-land! But life has been, and continues to be very good!

In spite of that I
have been busy & the Nature Room is almost done, having gotten inspiration for dealing w/a long wall over a counter, from this photo (if this is yours, please let me know so I can give you credit)

I also got much needed inspiration from Recaptured Charm
& I promise I will soon post pix of the room! I think it will be my most favorite spot in the cabin!

I have also gotten inspiration from so many of you who have mastered spray painting, turning your ugly ducklings into the proverbial swans. I can't remember all who have inspired me, but I can remember this one - White Spray Paint!

Here's an example of one of my very own UGLY ducklings!

This seemed like a good idea since I'm not a jewelry person, preferring truckloads of mulch or pea gravel, or better yet a new camera lens. Because of that quirk in my female personality, I don't actually own much jewelry. Except for my wedding ring, 99% of it is just cheap costume jewelry & that suits me just fine. I had this old bust that I thought I could use to drape the necklaces on, but as you can see - - - it's just plain, down-right UGLY!

Oh - but I'm not doomed. The bust is not doomed. The necklaces are not doomed to live in a tangled dresser drawer mess because I have been reading your blogs & looking at your transformations & I knew immediately what needed to be done: white spray paint to the rescue!

Isn't this so very much better? I now have my very own "Rhinestone Cowboy"! LOL

Please let me know of your latest painting project - I'm always in need of inspiration! And you have no idea how much you all have helped me in putting together the little cabin!