Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friends

While it's true I enjoy costume jewelry, I am not a big fan of fine jewelry.  Diamonds are not my favorite, although I am fond of emeralds and really do like turquoise.  The jewelry my children give and make for me are the ones I wear...not the few fancy pieces I do own.

There have been years where my husband has given me a truckload of compost.  Or manure.  Or gravel.  
This year I got gravel and sand.  

You must realize I'm a HUGE fan of gravel paths and wrote about them 2 years ago when my husband put down a path in the side yard.  So many of ancient gardens have gravel paths. . . they last almost forever.  

What do they say about diamonds?  Oh yeah - they're a girl's best friend.  And a diamond is forever.

Well let me tell you -this year my honey gave me the kind of diamonds this girl likes!  This path is perfect!  Just perfect!  

Gravel + sand + manual labor = the perfect gift for me!