Well, there may be lots to write about today but I really, really need to wrap presents!  And then I'll need to snap some pics of them beneath the little Christmas tree. . .. so today is just a quick note!  After all - no matter the title of this photo - we all can tell my youngest grandson is not naughty & I really need to wrap his presents - right?

After a cup of tea or hot chocolate I'll get started on the wrapping.  BTW - today's predicted high is 76 degrees. . . . maybe I'll have iced tea instead!  LOL 
In the meantime - can you spy me, spying on you?  

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Here are a couple more shots of the Nature Room. One would think I haven't decorated any other room in the house, but I have! It's just that this small room has the most concentrated amount of decor & I guess that's why I keep posting pics.
One thing I've observed: I don't have any really large pieces of Christmas decorations & I don't have large collections of Christmas stuff. . . . except for a lot of nativities. But mainly it's just a lot of small-medium sized things placed out & about. Because the cabin is so small I definitely don't merely add Christmas stuff to the existing decor! All of the everyday (& most favorite) items are boxed up!
I'm relatively happy with how everything turned out. . . . except for the mantle. . . but I'm not so dissatisfied that I'm willing to redo it! I'll just try something different next year!

I'm finding myself getting a bit weary of all the bright colors . . . so this is processed a bit on the muted side of things!
Like most of you, it's filled with stuff that holds memories. I could describe each and every one & tell you why a particular item is special . . . but I think you would get tired & not finish reading!

This little scene below really cheers me. I love the book - it's filled with beautiful illustrations & the wee little nativity was given to me by my childhood friend, Brenda. We were born 1 day apart & met when 13 years old. She was a treasured friend. . . . and I love the simple, nativity. I would have sworn she said they were made from pecan hulls, but I'm not certain that's the case. And yes, those are tree ornaments in a large pickle jar! I've collected the balls over the years from thrift stores so I don't know if they're really vintage or designed to look old. . . but I do like the worn patina of old ornaments

Red Santa hat, waiting for our overweight golden retriever to model for a photo shoot. As a flicker friend commented: "there is definitely a story waiting to be told here"

So this is it for today for I still have laundry to wash, gifts to wrap & a few, blessed few, errands to run. Thanks for stopping by. . .


I do intend to post more Christmas photos of the little cabin, but thought I'd share something a wee bit different today. Even though the decorations, ornaments, gifts & fragrances are all very lovely this time of year. . . the best ornamentation of all are friends & family we get to spend time with.

Above photo is of youngest grand-daughter. For the complete story, click here!

BTW - she doesn't look very convinced that hot dogs taste best cooked on a campfire, does she?!


Here's a little glimpse of another corner of the Nature Room. The shutters were snatched from the curb decades ago. And yes, they really are that dingy. And nope - it doesn't bother me too very much! I have no intention of painting them or sprucing them up. I like them just the way they are.

And I'm too lazy to mess with them!

Oh - and that is not a *switch* resting on top of the shutters . . . . it's a bois d'arc branch a little child gave me in April when camping w/the Cub Scouts. She noticed me gathering rocks, etc. & gifted me w/it. Sweet!


I can't believe I haven't posted any Thanksgiving decor pix - I certainly intend to do that. After all, it IS my favorite holiday!

In the meantime, here's a few shots of what's happening this Christmas at the Cozy Little Cabin! Nothing spectacular. . . . . just spending time trying to determine what stays & what goes. After all, the cabin is smaller than the other house & not everything will *make the cut*!

For starters we have a new down-sized tree because there's no room for a big one. Of course we could put one out on the porch, but this year it feels like too much work & we're just not up to it. Maybe next year . . . .
"Never worry about the size of your Christmas tree.
In the eyes of children, they are all 30 feet tall.”
– Larry Wilde
A quiet little corner in the Nature Room.

Christmas decorations waiting for
me to find a place for them

I so very much enjoy reading every one's blog. . . . .I admire your creativity & energy! If I don't make it back to Blogland before December 25. . . . I hope you have a blessed Christmas!

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FANCY Christmas cards are nice.

NEWSY letters of the past year's adventures are interesting.

But THIS. . .
this original Christmas card
designed by 7 year old Dalton

is the BEST we've received so far!!!!

Merry Christmas to us all!