Mother's Day 2012. . . . late edition!

Well, it's taken me long enough, but here are a few shots from Mother's Day 2012.  We had a great dinner here at the Cozy Little Cabin.  We also celebrated Amanda's birthday which was earlier in the week.  She was born on Mother's Day and it has become a tradition for us to eat Rib Eye steaks!  So that's what we had this year: Grilled Rib-eyes, shrimp, baked potato, carrot raisin salad and Lemon Tarts.  But alas, I don't recall us singing Happy Birthday to Amanda . . . but we DID sing it on Thursday when we went out to eat!  
Christiy (who is like a daughter to me) Me, & the best daughter a mother could want, Amanda

What a blessing to have my 90 year old mom celebrate with us.  

My husband, Murray.  Amanda's husband, David.  And Christiy's husband, Tim.

But without a doubt, her favorite of all who were here, is my husband.  He can do no wrong!!!!!
I guess that's a good thing and much better than her not liking him.
See how tickled she it?  She adores him!

Until later,