One of the most problematic areas of the cabin was the kitchen. As you can see, it had a washer & dryer in an already too small area! Add to that (photo to come @ another time) the refrigerator was in the middle of the room & the water heater was situated so that it was the focal point! Yeah - ain't that somethin'? Not a pretty sight, believe me!

When you're down-sizing, you
really have to make the best use of available space. Even in a large home, it's important, but you don't notice it as much in a larger home. Think of it this way: if there's a pot or two out on the counter of a large, spacious kitchen, you barely notice it because there are lots of other things to look at. But when those same two pots are out on the counter of a small kitchen - well, your eyes go straight them...especially when you only have two little counters! Oh yes I do!

Anyway - there were several things we wanted to do to the kitchen, but since we do not have unlimited funds, we made a list of the "have-tos". You know, the things we
have to have done before moving in.

This is where a good, honest contractor comes in real handy. Since my husband is in the building materials business, he knows several & is on real friendly terms with one. He also gets to buy materials at employee discount . . . another plus.

Jeff the Contractor is one of the nicest folks around and he is more than willing to do only what hubby
cannot do. He doesn't insist on doing the job from start to finish. This also helps save money. We're all about saving!

The washer and dryer were moved into an alcove in the guest room which is separated from the main house. We could call it the
guest house, but that would be a bit of an exaggeration! Fortunately the perfect little alcove is right behind the guest bathroom so there wasn't lots of complicated plumbing to do. In its place in the kitchen is a shelving unit we got for free years & years ago when a mens' clothing store went out of business. It was originally used for storage of mens dress shirts and now it has become part of our pantry. Did I mention the kitchen came with no pantry? I bet it was a man who designed the kitchen! A non-cooking man!

The refrigerator was moved partly behind a wall, out of the
middle of the kitchen And the water heater was moved back into a corner & you can't see it unless you're back there. There's a photo screen in front of it now, with some kinda' yucky fabric. I'll have to post a pic of that, too. Of course I'll replace the fabric with photos of friends, relatives, kids,& grandkids cooking/baking! I think it will be cute!

Okay - back to the photo. The makeshift pantry has canvas bins that hold cereal, can goods, teas, etc. They are blue stripe because they should more easily hide dirt and they are washable. Yep - $5 apiece at Wal-Mart & they are attached to the wire frame with Velcro. This is important - the ability to wash them.

There's additional storage in the canning pot: canning jars and tablecloths to be used on that little table, where hubby & I eat most of our meals. And at times the top of the shelving becomes a produce stand. And wine bar. LOL

The quilted wall-hanging comes with a story that I'll share with you another time. But it's here, in this little kitchen because it reminds me of other happy, country kitchens, my childhood, my friends, my aunts & my children. Wow...a lot of happy memories from one little wall-hanging!

So - what have I learned so far about down-sizing? Even with a strong desire to down-size, it isn't necessarily

While one must be practical,
do not forfeit surrounding yourself with things that make you smile. There is always room for things you love. You know I'm telling the truth - even if all you can do is paint the room with colors you love . . . do it! Your landlord won't let you paint? Make/buy curtains you adore. Tell me your dilemma & I bet one of my readers or I can help you.

Speaking of readers, please leave a comment if you're reading this. I don't have a counter to register how many times someone has looked at the blog, but I sure would like to hear from you!

Until next time, when I continue with the kitchen, do one thing today that you
love doing!


  1. Your organizer looks great and is really useful in a small space- it's great you found a new nook for the washer/dryer!

  2. Wow, guess I shouldn't complain about my small kitchen! You'd probably think it's huge! ;-)

  3. I have four small counters in my house. So I feel for ya with two! I agree with keeping what makes you smile. Whenever I get rid of something due to lack of room, and I miss it, I want to kick myself!

  4. Marie - I have a TOTAL of 54 linear inches of counter space! You're right - I'd think yours is huge! But you have a family & that makes a big difference in your needs. It's just Murray & me, so it works.

  5. Brenda, Has that happened very often - getting rid of something & then wishing you had it back? I'm still decorating rooms & the porch, so I'm hesitant to get rid of much right now for fear of the very thing you mention!

  6. Hi Vera,
    Thanks for popping over and your comments about Mary and her coat. I had one too, very similar. Mine was a "midi" coat, tho and alittle darker. lol I will follow and your kitchen looks really nice :)

  7. I too have a small kitchen. Im postin on it tomorrow.You have shared some great ideas.I relate totally! We just downsized from a huge beautiful townhome to a cute cottage.(our lovely word for small)Although it lacks character being brand new.Any suggestions?