OK - Easter has come & gone & I'm sitting at the computer, early Monday morning. How did it go? How was our first holiday in the down-sized cozy little cabin?

The entry before this one tells of the very few ways we were decorating this year & I think you can tell from the photo montage above that there is no doubt Spring/Easter has arrived in east TX!

Do you notice there is not a lot of Easter "stuff" to put away? At most if would be the little bunny . . . but I like him a lot as he reminds me of my dearest childhood friend, Brenda, who collected bunnies & I'll leave him out all year. Wouldn't he look very patriotic with a little American flag to celebrate Independence Day?

The cross is really a bookend that stays out year round, as does the crystal candy dish, kerosene lamp, wire basket, Pyrex bowls, teapot & cheerful deviled egg tray. There is nothing to store for next year! Later today I'll mash the leftover colored eggs into egg salad sandwiches & deviled eggs.

See how easy this is? The real stars of the show were the people who honored us by spending their holiday with us. My soon-to-be 89 year old mom; my daughter & her hubby; & KI & Milan.

The 2nd photo on the 2nd row shows KI with his head thrown back in laughter. He is from Ghana, attending seminary in east TX. We were laughing about the fact that he & his wife, also from Ghana, were driven to the hospital by his Czech friend, to have their twin boys delivered by an Egyptian doctor. It's a small, small world!

By the way - even the menu was down-sized: ham & easy-to-make ham sauce; decadent mashed potatoes (made Saturday & reheated); Italian green beans; yeast rolls (Rhodes' frozen), Pineapple-Upside-Down cake (baked Saturday); teacake cookies (baked earlier in the week); dyed eggs (also earlier in the week); & iced tea (also made Saturday). Most of the really dirty prep dishes were done earlier in the week. Seeing as how we don't have a dishwasher, it's good to do a lot of the messier cooking earlier in the week. Still, I very much appreciate my hubby for washing all the dishes last night!

It's time to go & feed hubby breakfast....I bet it will include some hard-boiled eggs! :)


  1. What a cute blog you have! Love the name of course! I shall add it to my list to visit. Thanks for emailing me!

  2. Hi Vera- thank you for stopping by and following my blog! I have enjoyed reading yours, too, and am looking forward to reading more about your Cozy Little Cabin!