Here it is - a glimpse of the Nature Room. I thought I was done, but then hubby discovered $80 bead-board on clearance for $10. . . so one wall, that's been giving me fits, will hopefully soon be covered in bead-board.

In the meantime - here's one little corner of the Nature Room

This little corner is full of memories. In fact, most of the cabin is filled with memories. Is your home like that? Do you look at a corner & smile just because it's filled with things that are special to you, even though they might not get a second glance from someone else? That's how the Nature Room is. . . every corner holds a memory.

The chair was my grand-dad's that mama recovered years ago.
The bookcase was hubby's parents'.
The little peek of the deacon's bench (to the right of the chair) came from a tiny little church that hubby's dad once preached at. In fact, he was preaching the Christmas Eve sermon when hubby decided to make his appearance! I wonder if the Preacher Man broke any speed laws getting to the hospital??:)

Oh what else is there? The shutters were bought on a street corner in Magnolia, TX for $3. The antique/junque shop would drag some items to the corner sidewalk & offer items for $3. Whatever was out there was $3. I would go past this on my way to my friend's house in Plantersville, so the shutters remind me of Melissa.

On the shutters are some of my favorite nature photos & couple of wasp nests. I hate wasps, they are so aggressive & their sting is so painful . . . but I like their abandoned nest with the little hexagonal cells.

You can't tell, but there's pieces of driftwood & a piece of petrified wood on the top shelf. The PW came from my grand-dad. . . I think he gave it to me when he stayed with our family when I was a child.

And the Shiner Beer calender covers up the electrical box! My uncle used to work at the brewery & he was married to one of my favorite aunts. She was my mom's sister & oh, how they would laugh! Laughter is important to me. It's real important.

So tell me about your special "cozy corner" as Mary Engelbreit likes to call them. What makes them so very special to you?

Alrighty - that's about it for today - thanks for stopping by!