We have had an early Spring this year.  Azaleas are blooming, promising to ruin the Azalea Trail in April as they shall be all bloomed-out!  But who can fuss about lovely weather like we're having, including plenty of rain last week.

Above are the hyacinths that decided to bloom once the rains came.  In the far background are the camellias.  There are also pink oxalis and purple irises; not nearly as many flowers as we had at the old house - but enough to make me smile



Earlier this year, we made a trip back to Houston to attend the wedding of a dear, dear friend of ours. It was extra special because our son-in-law married them! How cool is that?

Mr. & Mrs.

To make it even better - we got to spend some time catching up with old friends.

Daughter & Her Daddy
Dancing Together

Daughter & Her Hubby

Anytime I get to spend time with family and friends is a good time!
In this case, it was a great time!



Another thing that kept me from blogging is that I made a quilt for my cousin's granddaughter, Ava.

Most people these days belong to Facebook and so do I. What I especially like about it, is to connect and reconnect with friends. Once again I'm in touch with high-school friends, friends from the city I grew up in and relatives. Two cousins that I'm especially glad to have reconnected with are Bill (owner of Thunder Graphics) and Nancy. Bill is my age and Nancy is a little bit younger.

When we were kids, Bill would throw June Bugs down the back of my shirt. Strangely enough - I adore all sorts of bugs and insects

When we were teens we would go out the night before trash day and hang out the windows of his car and each grab a metal garbage can. He'd step on the gas and then quickly slam on the brakes and we'd let loose of the cans and oh what a noisy clatter they made! It sounded like a wreck had occurred and house lights would come on and he would speed off. That's the total of my vandalism ways! I think Bill and I may be the reason they stopped making metal garbage cans and switched to plastic! ;)

Anyway - they both live near the Texas Gulf Coast and Murray and I jumped at the chance to visit them when, via Facebook, I got an invitation to Nancy's granddaughter's first birthday party. And what a great reason to make a baby quilt! Oh what fun I had!
Directions for the quilt are here

Three generations of beauties!

My Aunt, who will soon be 90 (doesn't she have gorgeous skin?),y
and her only great granddaughter.

Cousin Bill and my hubby.
Since we were on the Coast, we just HAD to stop and buy some shrimp and fish.
Thank you Bill for taking us to a great place!

My cousins were gracious and we had a great time. I hope we get together again.

Oh, and here is my current project! Aren't the fabrics yummy!?


It's been quite a while since I've posted anything. Of course I recovered quickly and completely since my last entry. Although I must admit I enjoyed my time with Colin Firth!

I'm not feeling so very talkative today so I'll just post some photos of what's been going on since December! They are not in any particular order. . . . just a quick catch-up!

First off - I've been doing lots of snuggling with Kevin's cat, Morigan. Last year Kevin and his wife Mira went to Norway, Mira's home. They had return flights for September, but because of some health issues, they are still in Norway and it looks like they'll be there for quite a while. I am so very thankful for Skype!

Anyway - we don't mind at all, being grandparents to Morigan. She is the sweetest of all cats and hubby and I both love her!

As you know, we live out in the country, surrounded by pastures on two sides and woods on the other two. One morning I was talking to my daughter Amanda , when I saw a steer at the my front door! He looked as if he were contemplating climbing up onto the porch! I almost yelled to Amanda, "I gotta' go - there's a cow at the door"! I tried to take a photo through the open blinds, but it didn't turn out too well.

I then opened the front door and he started to leave, but did turn and pose for me! Then off he went to knock some stuff over in an open shed and then turn over the burn barrel. Thankfully we hadn't recently burned anything so there were no hot coals to worry about.

He is a stubborn one, this #405. Later in the day I needed to go into town, and he was in the middle of the road, contesting me to get by him! He would NOT budge! I'd creep a little closer and he bend his head downward, threatening me with those little horns of his. . . which by the way, could scratch up a vehicle. Fortunately for everyone, the owner of the cattle has repaired all the fences. For now. Cattle have a way of finding/making an escape!

I've been practicing with PicMonkey I was a big fan of picnik, but since they'll no longer be available this April, I've been looking for something else to use. I have Photoshop Elements, but it's on the desktop, not on my laptop, and I would much rather lounge while editing photos.

The sunflowers were edited using HDR effect. I don't think I'll be using it often, since it distorts the photo too much for my liking, even though it does give a bit of an artsy look.

OK - that's it for a while. I'll be posting more often. . . . although I'm not NEARLY as faithful as my daughter!