Okey dokey - you've seen most of one end of the kitchen, today we're going to look at another area. And speaking of - did you read my comment to Marie? 54" of counter space. That's it, folks.

Here's the kitchen, as it appeared on

As you can see, it was a bit of a jumbled mess!

We hope someday to move the stove to another area & take down part of the wall behind it, opening it up into the center hall, making for a larger kitchen area. But not for now. For now we deal w/
54 linear inches of counter space; two upper cabinets, two drawers, & four lower cabinets.

First things first. We were very glad she took her little rolling carts with her. There were two. The one you see didn't allow for opening the bottom cabinet.
Too, too much stuff! I realize with a small kitchen you just have to make do, but this is way too much.

Anyway - we painted it a new color, added new hardware (still not too sure about it) & did the unthinkable & replaced that horrible florescent lighting! And we kept the pot rack....this was a major surprise to me! Oh how I hated that & in fact it stayed outside in the weather, waiting for hubby to decide if it was going in outdoor storage or the burn bin! I hoped to have a metal pot rack, but I don't the the ceiling is high enough. . .what to do?

My dear friend Debby came the first week we were in the cabin, to help make some order out of all the chaos. We were walking in the yard when we both spied the ugly shelf & at almost the same moment we asked, "Why not just paint it black"? I realized it really was that horrible color that I hated so much & now I wonder what would we do without it?

As you can see, the main thing we did minimize some of the visual clutter - putting the smaller items in drawers or bins or canisters. Keeping less things on the counters, etc. Hanging a large print, instead of a clock, pot holders, etc.

I don't have a lot of time right now to write more about this mini transformation, but you can read about all the details of the "stuff" right here.

I hope to soon include some more photos of the kitchen. . . it has turned out to be very homey & very functional. And a bit pretty, too.

Have a good, good day - - - & go declutter some "stuff" from your kitchen! You know you want to. Really you do. I know it! And post a pix of when you do!


  1. Very cute Vera! I will have to say though, that we might actually be about the same for countertop space! I have you beat with lots of cabinets, one of which is a pantry and lots of empty room....if the house wasn't a tear down, there's lots of potential here. I'll have to take a picture for you....

  2. Once I had a house that had the stove in that exact spot, in front of a cabinet door!

  3. Marie, I'd love to see pix of your kitchen. It's fun fixing up, isn't it?

    - - - you have a pantry!

  4. Brenda, Isn't that just crazy? We think they originally moved the kitchen to the center hall, then added on space the other side of that. And then added on another little space! I'm guessing a lot of thought didn't go into it! LOL It keeps it real, doesn't it?

  5. Love the pot rack - I'm glad you kept it!