Well, it looks as if the dog may be staying with us!  Yay!  At least that's what WE say.  The cat, on the other hand, is quite displeased.

Now realize, since we haven't yet taken him to the vet for a checkup, the dog hasn't come into the house.  Still, the cat is annoyed he is out on the porch.  So annoyed she hopped up on top of the refrigerator.  The only other time she's done that is when we've had a house filled with people!

Anyway - we've been trying to decide what to call the dog.  Buster was our first thought, then Atticus (from To Kill a Mockingbird), then Mr. Darcy.  

Hubby thought to put them all together and call him B.A.D - but that idea didn't last long.  We held a contest on Facebook and Atticus was the clear winner.  But we did as one friend suggested and called him, to see what he would respond to.

And that, my dear friends, was Mr. Darcy!  The only name he came running to!  So we have a very redneck looking dog who thinks he is a British Gentleman!  

And no, we didn't tell him Mr. Darcy's first name is Fitzwilliam!


  1. OM Gosh the cat on the fridge is so funny. He will come around. I like the new name.
    My cat and dog have a love/hate relationship. If the cat tries to come out of our bedroom during the day she gets chased very quickly right back in the bedroom. Other times the dog sees the cat on the bed and jumps up and about licks her to death. The cat is so confused but I think she is starting to like him doing that. The dog sleeps in his kennel at night. The minute the door is shut the cat ventures into the living room. This cat was a farrel cat so she is shy anyway. I get a big kick out of him being motherly to her.

  2. Oh Debby, How funny! Yes, the cat will get used to Mr. Atticus Darcy! Hubby calls him Mr. Atticus. . . . I just call him Atticus.

    The cat DID walk to the front screen door and look out at him. Of course he just whined at her.

    They keep us laughing!

  3. Just read your story, how about Fitz ?
    Lovely story, I hope you get to keep him...

  4. Great name. Poor cat...it is best though that the cat remain afraid until you see if the dog has a high prey drive. Good luck to all. Deb

  5. Everyone but me loves Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy. I much preferred the Mr. Darcy in the version of P&P with Kiera Knightley (although I didn't like her as Elizabeth Bennett.)

    ANYWAY, Vera, have you thought about enabling your email on your profile? It would make it easier to respond to you personally, instead of just through your comments section.

    And I appreciated your comment about the sacred and secular. I wish anyone had told me that when I was growing up. :-)

    1. Forever and always Colin Firth for me! But it doesn't matter - Mr. Darcy was SUCH a gentleman and we ended up naming the dog Mr. Atticus Darcy. . . and of course call him Atticus!

      I will see bout making those changes. Thanks for the suggestion.

      And yes, don't we wish we knew THEN what we know NOW!