Another Dog for Us?

In October our Golden Retriever, Shiloh, died.  I don't know if I ever wrote about it but will need to because his burial was quite memorable.  

He was a big, old goofy dog who dearly loved children.  We rescued him from a family who could no longer take care of him and we gave him a good home. . . . but in his heart of hearts he was a family dog who needed a bigger family, one with kids! 

He was so very, very good-natured and would let toddlers and children pull on him and fall on him and he loved every minute of it.  I NEVER saw him bare his teeth or heard him growl.  Because he was so good-natured, he made a lousy watchdog.  One time the FedEx man  opened the screen-door, came inside and set the heavy packages in the living room and Shiloh didn't even lift his head!  A LOUSY watchdog indeed!

In the last 7 months we've never discussed getting another dog.  No, not even one time.  

Then this happened!
This morning this face was waiting for me on the porch. 

 A stray.  Right here.  On my porch.  We've had lots of strays show up at this place since we moved  here almost 2 1/2 years ago.   We live in an isolated rural area, and it's a regular thing for people (bad people) to dump dogs near us.  

And as I've written before, I sure do wish there was at least one day a year where the DOGS drove the trucks and they got to dump people out in the road.  No explanation.  No food.  No nothing . . . . just dump the people in the middle of nowhere!  

Anyway - please don't get mad at me - but since we are regular victims of other folks' bad behavior - we chase away strays dogs as we CANNOT keep all that show up.  So we throw firecrackers toward them (not on them) to chase them away.  We don't shoot them with BB guns. . . . 
we just set off some firecrackers.  
And they run away.  Every time.  

But not this time. . . . he's still here.  He wags his tail when he sees me.  He made himself comfortable at the work site in the yard and he hasn't done any digging.  He does, however, jump on me when I go out.  I guess it would too much to expect a stray to show up with good manners!

However, he did run off with one of my Sloggers, but when I yelled at him he dropped it.  That's good, right?

And get this - he even made it up the STEEP backdoor steps when he heard me in the kitchen.  And brought an old yellow and green dog toy with him!  Doesn't it sound like something from a movie?  

Best of all, he BARKED at my husband when he came home for lunch!  Yay!  He wasn't at all aggressive - just loud.  Just the way I like it!  I don't want an attack dog - just one that will let me know when there's someone here.

So, I've taken photos of him. 
 I've now blogged about him.  
And hubby and I call him Buster.

What are the odds we've got ourselves another dog?????

I'll keep you updated,



  1. Oh Vera...I expect you have fed him by now and he wants to love you guys. I say YAH! have yourself a gorgeous, new companion. I believe in fate and I think he is meant to stay. Hugs, Deb

    1. I "think" he may be ours, but there may be some complications. For one - he has no testicles and I can't/won't check him out to see if he's been neutered or if they've just not descended. If that's the case - it involved an expensive surgery.

      I really hate that people just dump dogs!!!!!

  2. Keep him. He obviously loves you.

    But may I make a small request? I realize you can't keep all the strays, but don't scare them with a firecracker. They're going through enough trauma already. They've been dumped, without any explanation, and they're scared enough already. You know how much I love animals.

    I've rescued several strays over the years. When we lived in CA, people would dump their dogs in the nearby canyons. It enraged me. Still does. But I took them to the vets to see if there was a microchip, and if there wasn't, I took them to a no-kill shelter. I did that with a little kitten two years ago. We couldn't keep him, but we took him to a no-kill shelter. It gives them a chance at a new life, which they won't get if they have to survive in the wild.


    1. Claudia - thanks for your gentle suggestion - it (and the way you presented it) is greatly appreciated.

      The closest no kill facility is 45 miles away & charge $85 since for each dog since I don't live in their county. But they only have room for dogs that weigh no more than 40# when full grown. And he looks as if he may already weight more than that.

      But the worst of it is this: The lady I spoke with said that many people confuse a Boxer with a Pit Bull and if there is ANY Pit in a dog, they will NOT take them. "Not now way, not no how"

      The next closest no kill facility will be 3 hours away and I don't know what their policy is.

      What a dilemma. I'm thinking the best thing for us AND him, is to just keep him!

      And in the meantime I wish I could shoot the people who dumped him!!!!!!!!!!

      Again, thank you for the gentle spirit in which you presented your case.


  3. Looking at the last picture of him looking through the could you not keep him. He seems pretty tame. Make sure and check if someone is looking for him. It is so hard when our pets pass. Our Springer died in November a couple years ago. He was from the pound. We found our new Springer at the pound three months later. They both were on the small side. Our new one is the best dog esp. with the kids. Just like you said yours was. Good luck. I hope it works out well.

  4. Hi Vera: I decided to pop back and ask you not to scare the dogs that find themselves on your property with fire-works. I expect they will leave on their own if not fed and try to find someone else to help them. Throwing fire-crackers at them will scare them so much they will lose all trust in people and never find the help they need. If you can take them to a local no-kill shelter, that would be best. There is usually one in every city. I don't like to preach but I imagine myself being lost and abandoned and then to lose faith in would be a terrible thing for the dog. They just need a second chance and this is no fault of their own. Deb

    1. Deb - I appreciate what you have to share - and my greatest wish is to throw firecrackers at the humans who dumped him!!!!!

      Closest no-kill shelter is 45 miles away and only have room for animals who are less than 40# full grown. And IF there is the slightest possibility they have Pit Bull in them, the will not take them at all. The next closest no-kill is 3 hours away and I have no idea what their policy is about Pit Bull mixes.

      Apparently the only sensible thing to do is to just keep him!

  5. I agree with all the other posts.. you have a new family member.. remember I didn't chose Sandie either... I was instructed not to come home with another dashchaund.. her eyes and nose were not black like Ruby's was.. so I gave her a second look... that was were I went wrong.... she looked at me with those pretty eyes and barked..."please don't leave me.." she has been the best dog we have ever had.. next to Sparkey.. she loves to go anywhere.. doesn't matter... she loves to be in the car with Paul driving... he takes her fun places.. like the lake or the condo.. on the boat.. with me she pants and makes me nervous... I take her to the vet for her yearly checkup and to be boarded when we go out of town... not so fun places... and she has made friends with everyone she has ever met.... and everyone loves her too!!!

    Good luck with Buster... he has chosen well...


    1. You're right, Charlotte. Our very best dogs found us! There's never been a better dog than Promise! And Obi was a jewel, too! Our worst dogs were pure-bred, with papers. The best ones have been some type of mutt!

      I'm beginning to think he's a Black Mouth Cur and there really isn't much bad to say about the breed.

      AND he seems to be happy staying outdoors. . . . a real plus!

      I'll let you know what we decide!

  6. Aww, Buster is definitely a keeper! Sounds like you're both very fortunate to have found each other! Your Shiloh was beautiful!

  7. He sure looks like a keeper! :)

    Also - you might want to define firecrackers. I think some people think you're throwing fireworks. It's just noise makers. Animals deal with loud noises all the time. I suspect the firecrackers make less noise than the cars honking at them to get out of the road.

    1. Yes, just firecrackers. . . . and apparently didn't disturb this guy at all!

      And yes - he really might be a keeper!

  8. I love this story he has to stay now.awww

    1. Yep - he's a keeper - although we have a friend who heard of a Black Mouth Cur missing in a nearby community. She's gonna' check for us if this may be him.

  9. Vera, you are right he looks similar to Tigger. If I lived closer he could come live with me. He has such a sweet face.

    1. He does his eyebrows JUST LIKE Tigger. A real sweetie!

  10. Vera, I read this post and then the most recent one. Mr. Darcy is an apt name for that dog. Just look at those eyes! How could anyone resist him??! :-) Hope all goes well. I totally understand how you feel about people dropping off animals. That has happened here too, several times over the years.

    I am so happy that Mr. Darcy found his new home. :-)
    P.S. I'm your newest follower. Hope you'll follow me back?