Strawberries & Custard

I love a bargain. . . so when strawberries were $1.75 a pint, I bought THREE of them.  Remember, it's just my hubby and me, so I was going to have to either freeze some of the berries, or find some recipes to use them up before they spoiled.  

Actually, freezing was never a real option because we recently received FREE  venison and the freezer is pretty full.  I'm not complaining - the venison is the very BEST I've ever eaten - I just needed to find a way to use up the bargain strawberries before they went bad.

I used some in smoothies and added a few to salads, but was still looking around the internet for some recipes.   I found a lot for pies and cobblers, but since I'd just recently baked a little apple pie, I wanted something lighter and fresher.

That's when I found the perfect recipe from Rhonda over at "Down to Earth, a Blog About Simple Living".  Rhonda lives in Australia with her husband of 30 years and as the title of her blog says, writes about the simple life.  I was THRILLED when she recently posted a recipe for homemade custard.  That's exactly what I wanted - layers of custard and strawberries - light and fresh!

The recipe calls for cornstarch and after I made the custard someone commented on her blog that US cornstarch is different from what she uses and it was suggested to use arrowroot instead.  I have to say Murray and I thought it was just fine with the cornstarch, but next time will make the substitution and make our comparisons.  

We don't use much dairy as I have a real aversion to conventional milk (at least in the US)  and instead use Almond or Coconut Milk.  But since I had an opened carton of Mimic Creme, I used that instead.  It's a wonderful substitute made with almonds and cashews.  The addition of a farm fresh egg, sugar and Mexican vanilla resulted in a wonderful custard. 

Just what I was hungry for - a light & refreshing dessert!

Don't you love it when you finally figure out what you're REALLY hungry for?  Hop on over to Rhonda's blog for some more yummy recipes and inspiration about living a simpler life

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