Simplicity in the Kitchen

My most resent post was about finding a great, SIMPLE  custard recipe, via the internet.  The one before that was a post about a SIMPLE, albeit rustic apple pie recipe.

Today's post is in that same vein. . . SIMPLE!  

Sorry there is no pic of the easily peeled yellow squash!  

What you see here are two of my favorite kitchen gadgets!  The first is a Swiss made vegetable peeler.  While at the local fair last year, there was a man selling them and since my daughter has one and loves it, I bought one, too.  The peeler works like a charm - peeling is so very, very simple and it's like the proverbial hot knife cutting through soft butter!  And did you see the price?  Less than $8. . . a real bargain for a real simple utensil!

My cousin, a real foodie (she's been a personal chef), recommended this type of cutting mat.  As you can tell, it's really thin and it rolls up so it's easy to get the food off the mat and into the skillet or plate, etc. You wet the bottom of it to keep it from sliding around the counter top.  They come three to a pack - and have different food symbols on them so there is no concern about cross contaminating: fish/seafood; beef/chicken; fruit/veggies. I bought mine from Amazon for a fair price, but these pretty pastel ones are only $3.15 for a pack of three at, who are great folks to deal with!

A simple cutting mat that takes up no cabinet space - which is perfect for Cozy Little Cabin's cozy little kitchen!  ;)

So there you have it - one day a simple apples pie recipe, the next a simple custard dessert.  And day three my favorite SIMPLE kitchen gadgets.  

What are some of your favorite SIMPLE recipes, gadgets, etc.?

Until next time



  1. KISS is my motto....keep it simple sister! Heeehehehe!!!

    I love those cuttin' mats! Plumb smitten, I tell ya!

    God bless ya and have a fantastic weekend sweetie!!! :O)

    1. You are absolutely right, Nezzy. . . KISS! And the older I get, the more simple I want/need things to be!

  2. Even your sister in law who really isn't that great in the kitchen is developing a love for kitchen gadgets... I have 3 favorites... first is the apple slicer... since I eat a apple or two a day a slicer is a must.... second I love my Pampered Chef cucumber slicer... it gives each slice a ridgey edge and makes it pretty... third... it is a Bobby Flay vegetable basket for the grill.. since we are eating more veggies and love to grill we put the veggies in the basket and don't have to worry about veggies falling between the grates...

    Liked the cutting mats.. used to have one for baking.... didn't know that you could cut on them... make have to look into that... seems easier and simpler than cutting boards....


    1. I second the wonderfulness of the apple slicer and veggie basket. We've actually worn out ours and had to replace it.

      I've never had a cuke slicer, but how fun to be able to fancy-up the humble, nutritious cucumber!