I so very much apologize for being gone for over a month! This little cabin & its yard are taking much work, plus I had a few days of needing to cater to my almost 89 year old mom. Not to worry - all is well with her now. There were meetings with United Way, drumming up donations for our little food pantry, Good Samaritan. Add to that a holiday weekend, etc., & I've gotten so very behind in blog-land! But life has been, and continues to be very good!

In spite of that I
have been busy & the Nature Room is almost done, having gotten inspiration for dealing w/a long wall over a counter, from this photo (if this is yours, please let me know so I can give you credit)

I also got much needed inspiration from Recaptured Charm
& I promise I will soon post pix of the room! I think it will be my most favorite spot in the cabin!

I have also gotten inspiration from so many of you who have mastered spray painting, turning your ugly ducklings into the proverbial swans. I can't remember all who have inspired me, but I can remember this one - White Spray Paint!

Here's an example of one of my very own UGLY ducklings!

This seemed like a good idea since I'm not a jewelry person, preferring truckloads of mulch or pea gravel, or better yet a new camera lens. Because of that quirk in my female personality, I don't actually own much jewelry. Except for my wedding ring, 99% of it is just cheap costume jewelry & that suits me just fine. I had this old bust that I thought I could use to drape the necklaces on, but as you can see - - - it's just plain, down-right UGLY!

Oh - but I'm not doomed. The bust is not doomed. The necklaces are not doomed to live in a tangled dresser drawer mess because I have been reading your blogs & looking at your transformations & I knew immediately what needed to be done: white spray paint to the rescue!

Isn't this so very much better? I now have my very own "Rhinestone Cowboy"! LOL

Please let me know of your latest painting project - I'm always in need of inspiration! And you have no idea how much you all have helped me in putting together the little cabin!


  1. Now that's a classy cowboy. I really love it.
    A conversation piece for sure. Glad things are good.

  2. Can't wait for the pics of your nature room. I've been redoing our dining room and want some inspiration from you.
    I love love love the bust! Of course I wear my cheap costume jewelry but the idea is priceless so I have to keep it in mind.

  3. I love your blog and I'm trying to follow but it's taking forever. I will book mark and come back later. My system is slow or it's blogger.