Here it is - a glimpse of the Nature Room. I thought I was done, but then hubby discovered $80 bead-board on clearance for $10. . . so one wall, that's been giving me fits, will hopefully soon be covered in bead-board.

In the meantime - here's one little corner of the Nature Room

This little corner is full of memories. In fact, most of the cabin is filled with memories. Is your home like that? Do you look at a corner & smile just because it's filled with things that are special to you, even though they might not get a second glance from someone else? That's how the Nature Room is. . . every corner holds a memory.

The chair was my grand-dad's that mama recovered years ago.
The bookcase was hubby's parents'.
The little peek of the deacon's bench (to the right of the chair) came from a tiny little church that hubby's dad once preached at. In fact, he was preaching the Christmas Eve sermon when hubby decided to make his appearance! I wonder if the Preacher Man broke any speed laws getting to the hospital??:)

Oh what else is there? The shutters were bought on a street corner in Magnolia, TX for $3. The antique/junque shop would drag some items to the corner sidewalk & offer items for $3. Whatever was out there was $3. I would go past this on my way to my friend's house in Plantersville, so the shutters remind me of Melissa.

On the shutters are some of my favorite nature photos & couple of wasp nests. I hate wasps, they are so aggressive & their sting is so painful . . . but I like their abandoned nest with the little hexagonal cells.

You can't tell, but there's pieces of driftwood & a piece of petrified wood on the top shelf. The PW came from my grand-dad. . . I think he gave it to me when he stayed with our family when I was a child.

And the Shiner Beer calender covers up the electrical box! My uncle used to work at the brewery & he was married to one of my favorite aunts. She was my mom's sister & oh, how they would laugh! Laughter is important to me. It's real important.

So tell me about your special "cozy corner" as Mary Engelbreit likes to call them. What makes them so very special to you?

Alrighty - that's about it for today - thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love the idea of a nature room! Your "cozy corner" is just wonderful. I love how it's filled with things that have such special meaning to you!


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  3. I could hardly wait to get here and read about the calendar on the wall ! What a wonderful touch - Mary E. would love it ! Also loved that you have a "deacon's bench". I absorbed every word, Vera. It's like I had a visit to your Cozy Little Cabin Cozy Corner. Madge

  4. Thank you Ladies!

    Madge - I am changing the title of the post to your last line - - - it's perfect! I'll make the change over on Flickr too. You have such a special way w/words!

  5. What's-the-book-selection-for-reading...and-what-time's-tea?


  6. Oh Ricky - the reading selection consists of books I've recently read & haven't put in their permanent location! Books like "The Encyclopedia of Country Living", "Making the Best of Basics", "Chickens in Your Backyard", "Younger You","Stress Management Made Simple" "The Stars Speak", "Sacred Gems" & a pamphlet about Texas Snakes (written by my cousin) another one about Texas Trees & Wildflowers". It's a pretty eclectic mix!

    But the system works well - once the shelves are full, I put the books back where they belong!

    Thanks for leaving a comment!

  7. i loved reading this post, Vera. As you probably know, I cherish family treasures, too. And like you said, they are just everyday things, but the memories connected to them are precious!

    Thank you so much for sharing your memories... and this lovely shot of YOUR treasures! I'm like Madge - I feel as if I have visited your Cozy Little Cabin.

    One of these days, Madge and I ought to come visit you - what a great day we would have! ;-)

  8. You know I love cozy corners! And the memories that are in them.

  9. It's great to have a place like this...where everything holds special meaning...

  10. Hi Vera - love your cozy little corner!!

  11. Wandered over from Penny's blog. What a great cozy corner and the lighting in the photo is perfect, plays up the feeling of nostalgia.


  12. What a cozy room! Love the chair...what a treasure! Happy weekend...Debbie

  13. Thanks for the comment over at my blog! I just love your mums measuring skills! Too funny!

  14. What a sweet blog! LOVE the idea of a cozy little memory corner. Great pics. I was just at your other blog, and that is very nice too.

  15. Hi Vera, what a great post and what a wonderful and special corner! A nature room, how awesome it that!

    I am happy I found my way to your blog!


  16. I joined your blog and can't wait to see it from beginning to end. We describe our home in the same way. I love treasures that hold the history of prior days. I LOVE your nature room. I sat up a nature shelves in my class room. Lezlee

  17. Vera this cozy little Nature corner would fit perfectly in my home! I too love to collect bits and things I treasure that I discovered outdoors!
    I have not an organized corner as you show today but I'm working on it!
    I love the shutters and how you use them to display photos of Nature!You know I have many of those with a blog called Nature Trail!
    Thank you for this inspiration ..I have something to work towards. hugs anna

  18. So very sweet! I don't have a cozy little corner designated in my house....I think it's about time I find one!

    Many Blessings,

  19. thanks for stopping by my blog today! Gilmore Girls is more my speed! :>)

  20. I have been looking at various blogs tonight and came upon yours. Very glad I did! It has such a cozy feel to it and I love all things cozy! I really like your cozy little corner, it is a wonderful idea. I will bookmark this blog and be back. ~Cheryl

  21. I just landed here from Cozy Little House, and I must say that your whole blog is cozy!
    I think every corner of my home is a cozy corner! Either it has something that once was my grandparents',or something that reminds me of them. Their home was the ultimate cozy home!
    I'm going to spend a little time now going through the rest of your blog. It's so nice to meet you!
    Carol~~Old Glory Cottage