Another thing that kept me from blogging is that I made a quilt for my cousin's granddaughter, Ava.

Most people these days belong to Facebook and so do I. What I especially like about it, is to connect and reconnect with friends. Once again I'm in touch with high-school friends, friends from the city I grew up in and relatives. Two cousins that I'm especially glad to have reconnected with are Bill (owner of Thunder Graphics) and Nancy. Bill is my age and Nancy is a little bit younger.

When we were kids, Bill would throw June Bugs down the back of my shirt. Strangely enough - I adore all sorts of bugs and insects

When we were teens we would go out the night before trash day and hang out the windows of his car and each grab a metal garbage can. He'd step on the gas and then quickly slam on the brakes and we'd let loose of the cans and oh what a noisy clatter they made! It sounded like a wreck had occurred and house lights would come on and he would speed off. That's the total of my vandalism ways! I think Bill and I may be the reason they stopped making metal garbage cans and switched to plastic! ;)

Anyway - they both live near the Texas Gulf Coast and Murray and I jumped at the chance to visit them when, via Facebook, I got an invitation to Nancy's granddaughter's first birthday party. And what a great reason to make a baby quilt! Oh what fun I had!
Directions for the quilt are here

Three generations of beauties!

My Aunt, who will soon be 90 (doesn't she have gorgeous skin?),y
and her only great granddaughter.

Cousin Bill and my hubby.
Since we were on the Coast, we just HAD to stop and buy some shrimp and fish.
Thank you Bill for taking us to a great place!

My cousins were gracious and we had a great time. I hope we get together again.

Oh, and here is my current project! Aren't the fabrics yummy!?


  1. I love the quilt. What a sweet baby. Wish I could quilt like that. Glad you had fun. It is nice to reconnect with the help of FB.

  2. Thanks, Debby - It WAS a fun 3 day weekend. Yay for FB!

  3. What a great story, I have missed being in touch with my Dad's family. As children, we were all so close, visiting often. I too am thankful for FaceBook for reuniting our family.
    The quilt is beautiful and little Ava is quite pleased with it. Renee and the kids had a little picnic in the yard week, she posted pics and there was the quilt!
    Mom's birthday is in August, and Bill and I are planning on doing something for her. I'll keep you posted and we will set the date soon, so you can plan, if you would like to join us.


  4. Yes, I saw that pix w/the kids using it for their picnic. Made my heart smile!

    Here's hoping Murray and I can make it in August. . . Isn't it crazy how fast the Summer calendar fills up?