This is a rather disjointed post, but I'm feeling rather disjointed and with good reason!

For starters I decided to rearrange the dining room. Because of all the windows looking out into the trees, I always assumed it would be my favorite room, but it hasn't been. I decided what needed to be done was to move the armoire and chairs. Christy came and helped me and made some very good suggestions; one being that since the armoire wouldn't fit nicely between the windows, to place it at the end of the dining table instead, and move the tall, slim rosewood piece between the windows instead. Voila! That did the trick. I don't have many photos to post - hopefully will take care of that soon! I'm beginning to understand why I'm more and more drawn to very neutral/white rooms. . . just look at the busy-ness of the windows and trees!
But even so - I still very much like the new arrangement

details of hutch moved between windows

So - I spent much of the week rearranging and moving pix, etc. Instead of preparing for Thanksgiving!

AND, get this, hubby brought home 10 GALLONS of pears. Yep - he sure did! So besides rearranging a room, I also made up 15 jars of pear preserves! Instead of preparing for Thanksgiving!

Monday was youngest son's birthday and because of the weather, didn't have internet access in his part of Norway. I think it was the first time I have NOT been able to talk to him on his birthday. The first time in 28 years and I couldn't talk to him. So I was sad. Sad and disorganized with a messy kitchen for much of the week!

And there was a haircut and time spent w/my mom and some volunteer business I had to take care of. And of course I had to mop floors and shampoo carpet! The point being - I haven't done any cooking and no real holiday preparation.

But today id different. I'm cooking: baking cornbread so I can make my 90 year old mom's dressing recipe. Sauteing onions and celery and an apple. Eggs are hard-boiled to stuff them tomorrow. Turkey is thawing. . . hubby is going to deep-fry it tomorrow. Doesn't a fried turkey sound disgusting? Well, it did to me, too, until our oldest son prepared last year's turkey that way. Like he said when we recently skyped - "it's now a tradition" - so we're deep frying! And there's ham. And lots of folks are coming and they're all bringing food with them.

I'm most excited because all of my husband's siblings and their spouses will be here. We're all in our 50s and 60s and it will be good to all be together. So much better than waiting to get together at someone's funeral! AND my daughter and son-in-law will be bringing their 3 foster boys with them. It's always nice to have young people around!

To top it off - the weather is suppose to be sunny and 70 degrees, which is so much better than last year, which started out cold and rainy. In spite of that, it will cool down fast and we're planning to have a campfire and have a wienie roast.

Oh - and hubby came home today with - - - you want to take a guess? More pears! 5 gallons! OK - time to go find a pear cobbler recipe!

May your Thanksgiving Day be blessed . . .



  1. Your home is so cute and cozy. You are sure busy. I do the same thing.....everything except baking til the last minute. I am not having dinner this year as we are going to one of our son's. Only 7 of us as the rest are in Colorado but they will be having dinner together there.
    Have a great time. Good luck with all those pears.

  2. Your photos are beautiful as always!

    And tomorrow no one will even know that you just now started cooking! :)

  3. "happy Thanksgiving, Vera" Sounds like you are a going-concern and I'm sure you will have everything done on time. Is this your cat? Looks just like my Sierra and she helps me cook, too. All the best from Ontario, Canada. Deb

  4. Vera~
    Your dining room and living space look like a picture from a magazine. I had to laugh at you doing everything but make Thanksgiving preparations this week. I did the same thing!

    I put wall paper up in my kitchen and painted it. Plus I had some serious dusting and cleaning to this is our 'eat in' kitchen. No formal dining room.

    I also got my cornbread and eggs cooked tonight and I finally got the fridge cleaned out. Been saying I was going to do that for the past two weeks! So well, you can just imagine!

    Happy Thanksgiving- Pat

  5. What beautiful rooms, and I love those windows. What a great place for natural light photos. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  6. You have a beautiful house and I adore your dining room chairs. Nice to have found your blog and lovely pictures!