These two bowls belonged to my maternal grandmother.

I never knew her as she died before I turned two years old.

There are bits and pieces of her here in the Cozy Little Cabin.

I wonder how I can miss her, having never known her?
A Japanese website that ages photos. . . fun!


  1. Beautiful shot! It looks so peaceful!

  2. I think I would miss "the not knowing". Glad you have something of hers. I have lots of my grandmothers. I was the only granddaughter. She didn't have much but I was glad to have her things. My other grandmother gave me a dish as a wedding present that had belonged to her grandmother since I was her oldest granddaughter. That is all that I have.

  3. Thanks Amanda and Debby. Debby, I fortunately have lots of things that belonged to this grandmother. . . . lots of kitchen items and many others.

    I think you're right about the "not knowing". . . I have no idea what she thought about me. I'm guessing she would have liked me - that's how grandparents are - but it would have been special to discover how much alike we are/aren't.

  4. I display pieces of my grandmothers too, I never knew my dad's mom...but I enjoyed my mom's mom...both were cooks and both loved to I have both of their thimbles and vintage things they made....It's fun to display their things in a vintage setting of a cabin....
    thanks for visiting Mel's Designs from the Cabin....Mel

  5. I have things belonging to a great grandmother-- on my dad's side.
    She passed when I was nine--my memory of her is so very faint.In fact, hers is the first funeral I remember attending,as a child... But I think of her often and my Papa (her husband) I think we would have gotten along really well.
    I like that bowl in the foreground. Your photos are lovely.
    I have a program that makes pictures old and one that cleans up old pictures too.
    have a great week, Pat

    We share the same weather you and I.

  6. that's a neat idea..aging photos on the Japanese website....sharing technology benefits all....let's cool off and watch the snow that help? Mel

  7. Hello just dropping in to find which blog of yours is the active one, I think this is it.
    Nice to meet you. Nan

  8. Love the bowls. They are real treasures. Deb=^..^=x4 Ontario, Canada

  9. I like the aged effect. The colors on the little bowl are especially nice. I also like the look of the towels in the basket behind your treasures.