I have rearranged the Nature Room one more time because I just LOVE this memory board made from one of my all-time favorite fabrics & a picture frame I picked up from a thrift store years ago.

I'm almost through decorating this gentle place we call home & had not found the perfect place for it, SO the sunflower picture that WAS here is now on the porch, & here is my memory board. Hopefully I'm through with this little corner of the room!

Sunflower pic now over the little table.
There are many reason I haven't been blogging regularly. . . . but the most enjoyable distraction I've had is sewing this Prairie dress & pinafore for my youngest grand daughter. Oh I had sew much fun!

Photo by Simon Smith - Editing by me, Vera Smith
Doesn't she have the most delicate hands? I just love this shot of her that my son took with his camera phone!

This is going to be a very busy week for me, so I'm not making any promises that I'll be blogging. . . . I so very much admire those of you who are faithful to do so! Have a great, great week!


  1. Love the sunflower picture on the front porch. I totally see your cabin in Southern Living or some other magazine someday!

  2. Oh dear daughter of mine - you are so very, very sweet to day so!

    I'm glad your dad & I found this little place. . . it's perfect for us!

  3. Well now nothing at my place is ever truly "finished." I see you have your orange sidebars back. Nice to see you're blogging when you have time. I'm lucky I have time! I love your changes!

  4. Brenda, You have a point: we're never really *dun* are we? LOL

    Thanks for stopping by . . . . It's nice to be back!

  5. What an adorable grand daughter and outfit~ just like Laura Ingals.

  6. i have no idea why this is showing up now, 3/18/2012 when i posted it a year and a half ago! sorry about that, folks!

  7. Pretty grandaughter you have. I love seeing braids like this on little girls and the prairie dress is adorable. I like the picture of your front porch with the bike in front.