Well, what can I say? The new floor may not happen anytime too soon. I went to two stores & picked out 4 different ceramic tiles that were on sale & that might work in my dining room. I brought home the samples & from the 4 quickly had a "hands down" favorite! No questions asked & no doubt in my mind that I had found the perfect one! It has a relative low sheen & lots of texture. . . . actually looks like stone! Oh my - how perfect is this?

Then my husband came home.

And I showed him my favorite.

And he said, "there's only 4 boxes of that tile".

And we need 17 boxes. And he knew that when I picked out the tiles. And brought the samples home from his store! Why didn't he tell me when I was there that there aren't enough boxes? Why? I have no idea. None. We've been married over 40 years & there are days when I don't have a clue about that man!

So - there may not be any new dining room flooring in my near future. Wah. . . .

OK - no sense crying over spilt milk, so to speak. Here is a photo of one wall in the Nature Room. This wall is a changing, seasonal display area. Oh, the old treadle machine & mirror stay here. . . . but the other elements change.

This is my dad's Choral Shirt & Vest. Don't you think the colors are perfect for Autumn? The little ceramic lady came from a thrift store years ago. . . .and the binoculars. . . . well, who doesn't have binoculars hanging all around the house?

Until later - please enjoy this marvelous weather we've been having!


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