It's been almost a month since I've posted anything & for that I apologize. Life has gotten busier & busier & on top of that I changed things up a bit in the Nature Room. I still have a cozy little corner, but even that has changed, as well as some of the counter space across from it

Here is one photo of the end of that counter which really represents my serendipitous life. I would not at all be able to *plan* a decorating scheme! I'm happiest using what we love. . . what we have. Vases & prints were thrifted. Shelf was pulled from a garbage pile & refinished. The piece of French drain pipe was dug up from the yard at the old house; & the mushroom given to me by a young friend. . . .

I got the idea for the twiggy drawer pulls from Recaptured Charm I think she has the dandiest of ideas - and these pulls work really well in here.
There is nothing at all special about this except that it works for us!

Today is hubby's & my 41st wedding. How will we celebrate? By eating organic grass-fed steaks that were partial payment for a recent photo shoot, as well as organic fruit & veggies. AND by tearing out ugly wall board from the guest bathroom in preparation of putting in the beadboard! Yay!

Oh. And I've been thinking about changing all the colors of the Cozy Little Cabin.

And in case you don't click on the above link - - - here's a wedding pic from August 2, 1969!


  1. You were such a cute young look like
    Barbie and Ken....and you still are cute. Happy
    Anniversary. Our 40th is next month.

  2. Awwwwwwww, I love Wedding Day pictures!

    Happy Anniversary...

    Gentle hugs, from a new Reader...

    I dislike "Lurkers" so I figured I'd better leave a comment. !!!!