Oh - I'm so sorry for being gone so long! But I promise I have very good reasons. And you'll be proud of me.

For one - I spent a lot of time earlier in the week tending to a little stray dog. It appears that after all is said and done she has decided to go back to her pack. . . as we haven't seen her for days :(

I also spent a lot of time finding the
perfect porch ceiling blue, which by the way, is Martha Stewart's, Porch Ceiling Blue C-26!

Porch ceiling is now painted.

Walls are now painted.

Trim is also painted!

The porch posts have one coat of sealant on them . . . leaving them all natural looking! Beautiful!

All of the porch that
can be painted, is painted! Yay! The breezeway part still has appliances on it, waiting for a friend whose house burned down, to come & get them. Once they are gone, we'll get it painted & then I'll be able to really start decorating the porch, treating it as another room.

Here's a pic of a well-deserved glass of wine I enjoyed on the front porch swing. We just moved the plinth at the end of the swing, using it for a little drink table. Shortly after I shot the pic it started raining. Finally! After two days of swamp-like mugginess, it finally rained! What a joy the smell of rain is on fallen leaves. And the sound of rain on the metal roof & the screen door slapping shut. Shrimp fried rice & a glass of wine. This is front porch dining at its best! And this is where you insert a very contented sigh!


  1. It's hot and sticky here today - storms are expected later.

    Sounds like you got a lot accomplished. Can't wait to see the pics!

    I see your hen in your spotted bowl below! I think I need bigger bowls so mine can sit inside too. Looks cute!


  2. I just inserted my own sigh of delight. Sounds wonderful. I can tell you're very excited about getting things done around your place!