Normally I think God doesn't really care which house a person chooses to live in, as long as they can afford it & aren't caught up in "the pride of life". I heard a radio preacher put it like this: It's like baking oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip, & snicker-doodle cookies & telling your child he can have one. We don't sit back & say, "He better pick the chocolate chip. If he chooses the snicker-doodle, I'm gonna' be so mad at him"! We don't have a preference . . . we just want to bless the kiddos with homemade cookies! He said it's the same about lots of our choices in life. As long as our choices don't contradict God's principles, it's okay with Him. In the case of buying a car, if it's affordable, safe & in good running condition, God maybe really doesn't care if we drive a Chevy or a Ford!

But in the case of the cozy little cabin, I think He
did have a preference! Everything about the white house with black shutters seemed to be God ordained from how we found it, to the next door neighbors, to the lot size, out buildings, fishing pond, etc.! Everything! And then the door slammed shut. The following Saturday I got up & found the little red cabin in the woods! And we are convinced, without a doubt, that this is the house God wants us in! This is His best for us...which what our oldest son & his family specifically prayed for!

Life is so exciting when you're looking for evidence of HIM being involved in it My prayer is that God will grace you with eyes to see Him & ears to hear Him. It's a wonderful way to live one's life!

There's more to the story, involving lots of loving people sharing their Christmas with us, etc. But you've got the meat of the story. . . God is good. All the time.

One more thing: While out shopping with my daughter, shortly after all these events, I found a vinyl wall quote that reads, “When You Can't See His Hand, Trust His Heart”. Yeah – I bought it! Happy Easter. . .


  1. Oh, Vera, what a wonderful discovery!
    I had no idea you had a Blog - thanks for mentioning it on Flickr.

    I will be a loyal follower, and I can't wait til this evening when I will have time to go back to the beginning and read all your posts!

    Please keep sharing your life in the cozy little cabin with us!

  2. Love the pic! Great post, as always!