Where was I? Oh yeah - our prayer (even though we really, really, loved the white house with black shutters) was that if it wasn't God's best for us, then would He please slam the door shut to this house. But of COURSE He wanted us there . . . just look at how He so easily led us to it. Right? Wrong!!!

Now is a good time to insert that line from "The Music Man". You know the one, "Well, ya got trouble, my friend. Right here, I say trouble right here in River City"!

OK - I know, I know - I'm using too many illustrations: Music Man, Fingerprints & Doors. But this is how my thought processes work & that's how I have to write 'em down!

What was the trouble? What were the smudged finger prints? What was causing the door to slam? This - the seller called my husband & said he was divorcing his wife & she & the children would be moving back into the white house with black shutters just 6/10 mile from our favorite little town in the whole world, with the pond in the back yard! No deal. No sale. Just like that - the clear fingerprints of God were all smudged up & ugly; and the door slammed shut with a mighty loud slam!

Just like that - with just one phone call - God answered our prayers. He slammed shut the door.

Unfortunately He didn't slam shut the door to my heart. I was heart-broken. I was sad. I was depressed. I didn't like the sound at all of that door slamming shut.

Discovery: Answered prayers are not always without pain.

Okey dokey, that's all for today. We're having up to 15 folks over Sunday & my dining room is still in disarray. I will soon start blogging about down-sizing. It's our hearts' desire to do so. It is not necessarily an easy thing to do. For us it is a very slow process. I'll write more about it later, when I'm through telling you how we discovered this cozy little cabin.

Today's photo-Discovery: Even weeds are beautiful

In the meantime, I need to eat breakfast & get to work!!!!

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